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Kosen Judo Ne Waza and the roots of BJJ

Musa Betsu Kyu Judo club

Sankaku Jime (aka. “Triangle Choke”) applied during a Kosen Judo tournament, 1920

&What is Kosen Judo?

Kosen Judo (高專柔道) is one of two main approaches to Judo training and competition (the other being Kodokan Judo) which are taught within Japan, the birthplace of that martial art and sport. Today, Kodokan Judo is by far the most dominant in terms of the number of clubs, instructors, students and competitions worldwide. While Kodokan Judo competition rules are recognized globally as the standard by the International Judo Federation (IJF) and are used for all Olympics and Worlds Judo competition, Kosen Judo is by contrast rarely heard of outside of Japan where it is still used during inter-University competitions (高專大会 kōsen taikai). Several organizations abroad such as the Freestyle Judo Alliance in North America, International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Foundation (IBJJF) in South America and the European Sambo Federation, have adopted similar competition…

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